Date band formed:
Uncertain… Sometime in 2009

Band member names and instruments:
Will Risbourg: Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Bilotti: Drums/Vocals
Gui Bodi: Bass/Vocals

Angie II by Will And The Wonts live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
I moved to Los Angeles from Santa Fe, NM to go to music school, and I met Andrew and Gui there. There have been many people in and out of the band over the last 4 years, but these two guys have stuck around.

One sentence that describes your sound:
Bob Dylan meets The White Stripes

Wake Up Clean by Will And The Wonts live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
Bob Dylan, Jack White, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers, Leadbelly, Joe West, Blind Willie McTell

Interests outside of music?:
Andrew: Video Games
Gui: Cooking
Will: Science (Cosmology, Paleontology, Geology)

Dead and Gone by Will And The Wonts live at Metamorphis

Favorite drinks?:
Gin And Tonic!

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:

Anything particular you would not like to discuss?:

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