Date band was formed:

Band member names and instruments:
Cheryl – Drums
Scott – Bass
Patrick – Guitar

Gaudi by Silver Phial live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
Girl meets Boy who writes songs, so Boy and Girl sing songs together with a little help from our friend Scott.”Cool classic pop music for dancing or dreaming” – Campus Circle

Into the Light by Silver Phial live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
It’s up to others to detect any influences but we are INSPIRED by The Byrds, The Mamas and the Papas, The Fifth Dimension and The Who

Interests outside of music?:
We enjoy exploring cosmopolitan cities and backcountry forests, the visions of dreamers and alchemists, and the history of lands near and afar.

Editor in Chief by Silver Phial live at Metamorphis

Favorite drinks?:
Partial to the Atwater Smash, red wines of the California coast, and Ginger Beer

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:
Our songs and their inspirations, our favorite groups, our approach to music and magick making.

Anything particular you would not like to discuss?:
Our ages or occupations.

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