Date band was formed:

Band member names and instruments:
Myriad Slits Computer songs & voice
Daniel on guitar, bass, drums, & synth
Mindee on Drums bass & guitar

Imaginary Duet by ModPods live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
Always wanted a band but because of my lack of musical talent it was very hard to convince people to join. I would fuck around with tape casettes & sing to that but never as fun. My brother turned me on to FL. Went to New York for a year where a group of friends & I created a naughty (adult) kids show & its where I got my name Myriad Slits from. I was a rag doll & I would sing songs to my tape recorded computer beats. Returned to LA asked my friend Samantha to join & she did but then she left. Then Daniel asked to join shortly after a very intense bonding experience where we locked ourselves inside this beautiful house Daniel was watching for a good long while & the house had an amazing music collection! but we locked ourselves for like a week & delved really heavy into the Beatles Artistic/emotional career. It was intense. Samantha then rejoined & for a while we were an awesome trio but then she got married & moved away & THEN!!! We met Mindee in October & we started jamming with her a few months ago & lemmie tell you it is L-U-V!! LUV!

One sentence that describes your sound:
Awkward dance music……Celebration trance……

Unoriginal by ModPods live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
My dad turned me on to his record collection at a very young age & I can remember hearing Bill Haleys "Rock Around the the Clock" & me spazzing out hard at 6 years old, Like hard. As a teenager I became really obsessed with Janis Joplin & it freaked the fuck out of my very traditional Mexican family. I am heavy Heavy into alot of women singers & all Girl bands.  Wynne Greenwood of Tracy & The Plastics fame. The Slits (ARI UP FOREVER). Poly Styrene. Le Tigre. Bikini Kill. Bjork. Kate Bush. The list would never end. That being said my favorite band in the whole wide world is Talking Heads. I will tell Daniel & Mindee to send you their influences BUT!!! Fun fact! Daniel once followed Pearl Jam the way Dead heads followed The Grateful Dead! & all of our cables are in a Pearl jam Ten Club gym bag (he was a fan club member). & his guitar case is covered in Pearl Jam stickers. I dont think he’s heavily influenced by them now but I like that fact it makes me smile. Mindee also got to recently interview Dale Crover of The Melvins & I know that was a really big deal for her.

Interests outside of music?:
Daniel & I are part of the same Arts collective called Purgatory. We build installations that challenge us individually & then we throw a big party to celebrate the things we managed to build. I  am making alot of Pysanky eggs lately. Also take a shit load of instant photos as well as destroy them & give them out to friends. I have a whole invisible polaroid series. Daniel goes to CSUN & also sews amazing soft sculptures & also makes music for his own band DayLabor. Mindee has another band called Dangerously Sleazy & was hosting a radio show called The Hotbox but it recently came to a halt.

Kill by ModPods live at Metamorphis

Favorite drinks?:
I like water. But white tequilla on ice with lots of lemon is nice too. Daniel likes Scotch whiskey on the rocks & Mindee likes margaritas.

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:
Whatever’s clever

Anything particular you would not like to discuss?:
Politics or the state of humanity.

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