Date band was formed:
October 26th, 2012

Band member names and instruments:
Beau James Wigington – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Mancini – Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Clark Singleton – Bass, Background Vocals
Ralph Alexander – Drums

Love Me Bad by The Heavy Heavy Hearts live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
We formed during the recording of Dirty Lies EP. Beau was recording a solo cd and enlisted everyone to be a session musician on the album. After the completion of the EP the band played a show at The Whiskey A Go Go and decided to make it official and form The Heavy Heavy Hearts.

One sentence that describes your sound:
The Rock n Roll equivalent of fighting a bear.

Lonely Man by The Heavy Heavy Hearts live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zepplin, Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, Monster Truck

Interests outside of music?:
Surfing, Hiking, Golf

Lock Down Lover by The Heavy Heavy Hearts live at Metamorphis

Favorite drinks?:
Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Red Bull

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:
We are relocating to Nashville TN, and a movie called Bad Country that is coming out later this year with Dirty Lies and Lonely Man included in a few scenes.

Anything particular you would not like to discuss?:

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