Date band formed:

Band member names and instruments:
Sim Jackson – Vox, Guitar, Bass
Gustov Mentzer – Drums
Jonny Yela – Bass (Live)

Punks In A Japanese Tea House by The Vivids live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
Formed by Sim Jackson in Long Beach, CA after the dissolution of band UV Lights. What you see before you now is the product of two line up changes and two stints in jail.

One sentence that describes your sound:
Desperate Psychedelic Post-Modern Literary Drug Punk

White Girls On Cocaine by The Vivids live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
Wire, Suburban Lawns, Cleaners From Venus, The Make Up, The Fall, Sonic Youth, Pylon, Zounds

Interests outside of music?:
Writing, Working

Just An Illusion by The Vivids live at Metamorphis

Favorite drinks?:
Brave Bull, Straight Whiskey, Gin & Tonic, Beer

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:
Upcoming Releases. (AK47 / Heir to a Void double single) – The Drugged Out & Bloodless EP. Any and all things that are usually taboo in interviews.

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