Date band was formed:
Choose one or except them all:
Seeds = 2006 (Adam Cotton and Adam Stilwell form a band)
Roots = 2009 (The band expands into a full-blown creative collective)
Tree = 2012 (The band solidifies in TheDarkWoods)

Band member names and instruments:
Adam Stilwell – vocals, song/narrative-writer (Montana)
Adam Cotton – guitar, songwriter, sound design (Texas)
Dean Estrella – Drums (Rhode Island)
Natasha Snow Needles – choreography, dancer, puppeteer (Peru)
Nathaniel Peterson – ukulele, art department, percussion, robot (Montana)
Bryce Whiting – art department, puppeteer, percussion, dancer (Washington)
Melanie Keller – dancer, puppeteer, percussion (Washington)
Father Time – Father Time (Your Minds)
Nick Daue – lighting, special fx, tech (Montana)
Alain Thai – puppeteer, dancer, zombie (California)

Blood Red Sun by P L a N E T S live at Metamorphis

Summary of band history:
In the fall of 2006, the musical heart of P L a N E T S, filmmaker Adam Stilwell and guitarist Adam Cotton, fatefully crossed paths in Northwestern Montana. In 2009, after writing and playing together for 3 years, the two decided to turn their overflowing well of songs into a massive narrative, based on Stilwell’s dark stories and Cotton’s bottomless wealth of musical ambition. Within a year’s time, the two-man show grew into a twenty-person production. Friends lent their talents and one by one joined P L a N E T S spawning a one-of-a-kind creative collective, a wild group that prides themselves on hard work in this 21st Century DIY culture. At a P L a N E T S show you will be thrown into a world of dancers, actors and puppeteers. Witches, zombies, ghosts and robots will come at you from all sides.

Influences, if any:
Inspired by adventurous bands like The Flaming Lips, The Who and Pink Floyd, Disney’s early fairytales and televised narrative mysteries such as Twin Peaks, Lost and The Twilight Zone, P L a N E T S’ world is a compelling vision of controlled chaos.

One sentence that describes your sound:
Psychopathadelic adventure rock music.

Scared Coyote by P L a N E T S live at Metamorphis

Influences, if any:
rock and roll, theater, film, friends, the “now”

Interests outside of music?:
Haha. Look at our band. We try to get it all in the show. Art. Film. Space. The underdog. The future. Chaos.

Favorite drinks?:
Whatever we can get our hands on.

Any food restrictions we should know about?:
One Witch is a Pescatarian. The other is a Vegan. The rest of us eat anything we can find. The Robot only eats processed foods. Zombie tends to enjoy human flesh, but we know that’s a lot to ask…and it’s certainly not a ‘restriction’.

Miracle Tip by P L a N E T S live at Metamorphis

Anything particular you would like to discuss?:
The show. Everything you see and hear when we play live. That’d be fun. The future. What we’re working on. Father Time always has some fun stuff to talk about.

Anything particular you would not like to discuss?:
Father Time’s affair with the black hole, Rhonda.

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